Der folgende Text stammt aus dem Buch " The Book of Tiki " von Sven Kirsten
(The Book Of Tiki Now has its own website!!! : buy it NOW !!!)


Am Anfang war das Wort und das Wort lautete: tik, zumindest nach Angaben des renommierten Spracharchäologen und Linguisten Merrit Ruhlen aus Palo Alto, Kalifornien Er verfolgte den Ursprung der menschlichen Sprache bis auf dieses magische Dreibuchstabenwort zurück, das sich noch heute in "toe" (Zeh), in "digit" (Finger) und offensichtlich auch in "dick" (Schwanz) erhalten hat. Wenn "Tiki" mit soviel archaischer Kraft ausgestattet ist, darf man sich nicht wundern, dass es zum Schlagwort einer ganzen Generation geworden ist. Aber " Tiki " weist nicht nur diese enge Verwandtschaft mit dem ersten Wort auf, sondern ist in der polynesischen Mythologie auch das Synonym für den ersten Menschen. Schlagt man in A.W. Reeds "Concise Maori Dictionary" nach, findet man die folgenden Erklärungen:
Erster Mensch oder Personifizierung des Menschen. Durch Ahnenverehrung wurde dieser Maori-Adam zu einem Halbgott und schließlich wurde der Begriff "Tiki" für alle Darstellungen des Menschen verwendet, wie im zweiten Bedeutungsfeld erörtert:
2. TIKI:
Groteske Schnitzerei in menschlicher Gestalt an einem Haus - eine präzise Beschreibung der Art von Tiki, wie wir ihn auf diesen Seiten finden. Lesen wir aber weiter, zeigt sich eine noch tiefere Bedeutung des Wortes:
3. TIKI:
ein phallisches Symbol. Tatsächlich ist Tiki in den Überlieferungen der Maori der Name für die Zeugungskraft und das Sexualorgan des Gottes Tane, des Schöpfers der ersten Frau. Auf den Tubuai-Inseln südlich von Tahiti war "Tiki-roa" (die lange Ahnengestalt) der Spitzname für den Penis und "Tiki-poto" (die kurze Ahnengestalt) ein Kosewort für die Klitoris.Da das Wort so schöpferische Kräfte in sich trägt, wird es niemanden überraschen, auf den Marquesa-Inseln noch eine weitere Bedeutung zu finden:
4. TIKI:
Gott der Künstler. Es ist ein Anliegen dieses Buches zu zeigen, dass Tiki tatsächlich die Muse vieler Künstler war, ob bekannter oder unbekannter. Möge er sich nun auch als der lang ersehnte Schirmherr der Künstler etablieren. 

Und hier eine Liste von Links, die ich auf der TIKIGARDENS-Website gefunden habe, falls Du hier einen toten Link findest, schreib mir doch eine E-Mail (tiki[at]

... und noch ein kleiner Dankestext vom Author der Tikigardens-Seite:

" Special Thanks goes to SVEN KIRSTEN, AUTHOR OF Thee Book Of Tiki !!!

For writing thee BOOK on the subject of  Tiki ! When I first saw this book, it opened right to a photo of an old flyer for tiki gardens. The tikis had spoken, and i was bidden to do all i can to keep as much of the memory of tiki gardens alive."

Dear Folks, this page (like lotts of is unfortunately quite outdated ... i'll fix that soon, promised.


now here's an actual Link to nice Tikistuff:

Archie Macphee- Kitsch items, and a new line of tiki mugs.
Babbette Schwartz- When in San Diego, check out this kool kitsch
shop They had some good tiki stuff last time I was there.
Back on Tack- Very cool roadside attraction documentation!
Big Arm Carving- Msn home page for a tiki carver, cool stuff.
Booze King- How can ya go wrong with a name like that? Awesome site! A mixologists dream!
C.M. Tikis- Tiki Carver in central Florida. Good stuff.
Cocktail Candy- Cool new idea for your Polynesian drinks, check it out.
Cosmic Outfitters Luau Supplies- Grass Skirts to chase after!

Dick Dales Official Website-  The God of surf guitar.
Eccentric America Cool site of roadside oddities.
Ellen Bloom- Artist website.
Exotica- Features pictures of Martin Denny's albums
Exotica Archive- Celebrate the Polynesian Pop and Tiki Tunes of the 50's and 60's, as well as the artists who created this exciting genre of music.
 Exotic Experience- Bio On Martin Denny  Resource for the exotic experience.
 Florida's Lost Roadside Attractions- Massive amount of research on the subject!
 Fridge Fun- Drink recipe magents fer yer fridge.
Gilligan's Tiki Huts- What the name says! Florida based company.
GO-CAT-GO- Cool tiki supplies.
Hawaiian Music Store- "The largest Hawaiian Music store"
Hawaiian Eye- Website worth visiting for the cool comic book cover, tehn sift through the info, and be made aware!
Hawaiian Eye FAQ- A list of answers to questions about this early 1960's
t.v. show.
Hawaiian Eye Video- Check a cool clip of this Tiki themed t.v. show
Hula Lamps Of Hawaii  Awesome Hula girl lamps!
Huge Magazines- Tiki Mug Collection.
Island Madness- Purveyors of all sortsa Caribbean goodies
The Enchanted Tiki Drums- Cool Shockwave player that allows you to play the Tiki Drums
  at Disney World. Almost makes up for them killing Mr. Toads Wild Ride . . . almost.
Judnick Postcards, for Florida & Roadside Americana postcards.

Kona  Tres cool site by fans of all things Tiki.
KOOCH-E-KOO- Great site by a very cool artist. Grab one of his prints now!
Kon Tiki Web Museum- How could one not have a link to this? I don't
know but we managed to for quite awhile!
Les Baxter Official Website-   'Nuff said?
Lileks- A site too vast to do justice with one or two sentences. Take an evening and
Lost America- Ghostly images of nightime desolation. Amazing stuff.
Louis B. Ceramics-  Great Mugs and Scorpion Bowls.
Mai Tiki-  Very Cool Carved tikis!
Martin Denyy Page-  Images, bio, and more.

Munk tiki-  Purveyors of some the hippest tiki mugs available !
MYRIAH'S POLYNESIAN BAZAAR-  Mo mugs, mo mugs, MO mugs ( and we aint
talkin three stooges! ).
Oceanic Arts-  Providers of great tiki stuff since 1956 !
Poizen Ivy's Tiki Lounge- Another fan of all things tiki's website.
Polynesian Pop Paradise- Very cool site by Kap'n Kev.
Polynesian Style- Book 'em for yer next luau! Tune makers par excellance!
Puka Puka- Rattan furniture for your tiki temple.
Roadside Architecture-  Sizable list of cool roadside sights.
Roadside peek's Tiki town Good source of photos of so. cal. Tiki
  Safari Thatch-  Lotsa cool stuff to deck out yer Own Tiki Gardens.
Search For The Ultimate Mai Tai- Well everybodies got to have a point to their life!
Shag Art Dot Com- He's a man, he's a God. he's a gu-ru!
Space Age City-  Great mix of pop culture with a 60's Sci Fi Slant. With an homage to
Oceanic arts.
Sunken Gardens- Not tiki, but an enduring Florida roadside attratcion.
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Swizzledd's Swizzle stick Collection- Tiki Doris' page dedicated to her
passion for collecting Swizzle Sticks. Check her Tiki Mug collection out!
Temple of Martin Denny- Come worship the Most Exalted Potentate of Exotica
Theme Park Adventure- "Taking you on a ride through the past present and the future" of
theme parks.
THE TIKI HUT WEB RADIO-  Get the player, and view the tiki gardens web site with stylin surf tunes, cruise the web like ya own a california special !
The Tiki Bar Review Pages  One of the best tiki sites !  amazingly comprehensive articles on many tiki bars still in existence, and obituaries for some that have recently sailed into the sunset.
The Pontani Sisters- Be devastated by their beauty
The Ventures- Get in orbit, or out of limits with these surf instro pioneers!
Tiki and Company Florida keys based carvers.
Tiki Boy Studio- Offering a large line of fun tiki products
Tiki Cha Cha Club-  'Nother web radio dude spinnin fierce tiki tunes.
Tiki Farm-  AWESOME Tiki stuff, Mugs, Lamps, Shag stuff, And more.
Tikis by Bosko-   Hep stuff, Grogg Logs, tiki mugs and more !

Tikimania- More product to fill your house with.

Tiki Chat, a new message board started in the
wake of the Yahoo debacle.
Tiki Tell 'em Exotic Tiki sent ya.
Tiki Gardens- Indian Shores Beach access Park- See what happened to Tiki Gardens.
Tikis of Hawaii- Cool hand carved stuff.
Tiki Jungle- More stuff for your temple.
Tiki Lanes- Bowl Tiki!
Tiki Mugs and More- Thought you owned enough tiki mugs? Think
again. I dig the animations on this site.
Tiki News-  The magazine dedicated to bringing your mind into the world of tiki. Powered by people with a true love of all things tiki !
Tiki Pinball-   Cool flash style game to pass some tiki time with.
Tiki Style-   Hep web site documenting tiki and googie architecture.
Tiki Zone-  More tiki stuff than you can shake a blow fish lamp at !
Trader Vics- Still Tradin after all these years. They still have 17 of these restaurants around the globe. Heck the guy invented the Mai Tai !
Wear it again sam- Cool shop in San Diego ( got my first ever pair of beatle boots there many,
many moons ago ). Very cool stuff to be had! Got some great Hawaiian shirts there Last visit!
 Winky Tiki-  Pin ups, Doll rods, and much more!