Since 1995, I observe a rising interest in Surf & Tiki-Pop-Culture.
By now there are many exquisit pages to be found on the World Wide Web.
Here you'll find a collection of great pages, and Links they have to offer to the subject of TIKI.

If you have other interesting Tiki-Links, that you find important to be exposed,
or if you find a dead Link within this List, please tell me: sasha[at]magnolia.ch

Dear Folks, this page (like lotts of magnolia.ch) is unfortunately quite outdated ... i'll fix that soon, promised.


now here's an actual Link to nice Tikistuff:



sven Kirtsens Book of Tiki - click here !
The Tiki News - the Original Tikimaniacs !
Mark Ryden - God of Tikipainting
SHAG - Retroart a GoGo
Bosko - TikiObjects
The Tiki Gardens - Beautifull & colourfull stuff
The Kon-Tiki Museum
TIKIfarm - Links and More
Enter the Tikiroom